Dividend Dashboard

Note: Modifications to the original structure of the source data were necessary for coding purposes. The integrity of the data remains intact: the column definitions and calculations. Please contact me if you notice any issues with the dividend dashboard. (Data Source: Drip Investing)

Historical dashboards are available here.
  • Mati

    excellent data!

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Thanks for stopping by. The DGI community is indebted to Dave Fish for investing the sweat / intellectual equity that produced this data set. If you want to know more about it, I suggest heading over to his page at DRIP investing: http://www.dripinvesting.org/Tools/Tools.asp.

      • Mati

        i know Dave Fish data set. I was wondering what could happen if he stops producing it. People like us can continue “researching” dividend stocks by ourself?

        • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

          There is a large, tight knit community of DGI that uses the tool and would want to see it continue. I think someone would inevitably take up the charge of compiling the data.

          • Mati

            Thanks for your response.
            I agree with you. Maybe also using dividends stocks from all around the world is also a good option (specially for people outside the US). Then we can have a more diversified portfolio not only based on 1 dataset. I must remark that US dividends growing companies have the best records… but sometimes there are also very nice examples in Europe stocks.

          • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

            If you are looking for some non-us based dividend growth stocks…. you’ve probably already run into the euro dividend all star list: http://www.nomorewaffles.com/2015/02/introducing-the-euro-dividend-all-stars/, and here (for the actual list): http://www.nomorewaffles.com/euro-dividend-all-stars/. There’s also a UK dividend champion list: http://dividendlife.com/index.php/uk-dividend-champions-home/.

            Naturally, these lists take a lot of time to curate, so they may not be as up-to-date as the monthly list done by Dave. But they are a great start to useful resources for the DGI community. I would like to include them in the Dividend Dashboard, but I need to get permission first.

          • Mati

            Yes, i know those lists. Thanks.
            It could be an excellent idea to include them in the dashboard.

  • Retire Before Dad

    This is really nice what you’ve done here. You’ve really made it easy to view, sort, filter etc. Awesome. Thanks for sharing with everyone.


    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the feedback.

      I’m enjoying what you’re doing over there at RBD.
      See you around,

  • Investment Hunting

    This is really cool. Thanks for putting it together.