Welcome to Mr. Modern Millennial! I created this blog to help me navigate the personal and financial waters of my 20s, to record and share my thoughts along the way, and to learn from others.

My name is Dylan and I currently live in Florida with my partner. I am a Millennial, or one of the millions of people in the US born between the 1980’s and mid-2000s.

I am part of the generation that has witnessed the landscapes of information, computing, technology, higher education, and finances change drastically. (As an example, I am writing this on a MacBook air weighing 2.38 pounds (1.08 kg). In 1980, IBM’s first gigabyte computer weighed 550 pounds (250 kg)!).

Despite rising costs of higher ed and cut government funding, I attended college to improve my future outlook. With some scholarship money, multiple jobs, and help from my parents, I graduated college in 2012 with no debt (and a little over 1k in savings).

In 2014, I started a graduate program in an applied science field which would enable me to be creative, flexible, and make a difference. Again, I am on track to graduate with no loans, and I recently started building credit and dividend growth investing.

Sometimes, millennials are portrayed as irresponsible, lacking attachment, and unreliable. Although my story is my own, like most millennials, these characteristics don’t fit me well.

A big reason for starting this blog is to dispel this common portrayal. Like most millennials, my partner and I are working avidly towards financial independence and professional success by being frugal with our time and money. Most of all, we are working hard now to craft the life that we want.

Because of work, my partner will be moving to Texas in Fall 2015. We will be maintaining two households for some time. At least a few years. Along with the difficult personal aspects of the long distance, there are some practical and financial implications (and a lot more travel!), which I will cover on the blog.

I really enjoy reading about financial independence, lifestyle design, higher education, and technology. I also enjoy running as a hobby, and am a big music lover. On Mr. Modern Millennial, I hope to share my personal experiences, set/track my goals, and learn from others.

I hope you will lend and ear and listen, or comment if you feel drawn in.