Weekly Check-in, August 9th, 2015

This is the last weekend before we move my partner out to College Station, TX. The last three months or so have been a whirlwind: we found him an apartment, he got his Texas A&M acceptance letter, we planned several visits, and we considered one of the things we want out of our next move together.

This weekend, we hosted a BBQ with friends and family to celebrate the transition and new beginnings. It was a great time. We also went to a new trail this weekend and did a bit of walking (and snapped a couple photos, including the image featured here).

Goals Progress

Cancel Amex Plat Card: I canceled the Amex card this week! They prorated the annual fee. I’ll get 240 bucks back. All in all, we spent $260 to have the card, and earned $850 in airline tickets and travel (and peace of mind). So, we came out ahead on this one.

Posts I enjoyed last week

There were a lot of great posts published last week.

  • FI Fighter shared the fourth part of his journey to 1 million in net worth by age 30 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
  • Emily at Evolving PF shared an update on her ‘money puddle’ and expenses. Emily and her husband recently finished grad school and just relocated to Seattle from Durham, NC.
  • Bert and Lanny both shared their recent expenses and dividend income reports. I always enjoy reading the Diplomats’ updates. These guys bring in respectable dividend income and both have enviable savings rates.
  • Ryan shared his recent purchase in WMT and an update to his dividend income portfolio. I really enjoy reading Ryan’s purchase and portfolio updates.
  • Retire Before Dad put some serious capital to work last month, and published a summary about his progress: Income Investment Update.
  • Henry published “Why I Read.” We all have our own personal reasons for reading. I enjoyed hearing his perspective on the topic.

Posts Last Week

Posts from July

Working out

I upped the mileage again this week and was able to pull my daily average to 6.82 miles. The 50k is on October 23rd, so I still have a bit of time to get into good form for the run. The most I moved in a single day this week was 10.47 miles on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to a couple of runs in TX and some longer runs around town when when I get back to FL.

We also have a run coming up in November, at Disney in Orlando, Florida, called the Wine and Dine. It’s a half-marathon. I’m looking forward to that race because it will be a chance for my partner and I to visit with one another, while sharing in hobby that we both love (we met running). Not to mention, we love the theme park and think DIS is a fantastic company. We both hold some via Loyal3. The price has dipped recently, offering an opportunity for us to pick up more, which we are considering. The company has some strong franchises in the product pipeline with Inside Out, Star Wars, plus several new Pixar films, including Finding Dory (the sequel to Finding Nemo, slated to come out 2016).

As the move kicks into high gear and we begin our trek from FL to TX, things will slow down around here a bit. We will pack up the Uhaul on Wednesday and hit the road Thursday. We plan on getting into TX on Saturday morning. We’ll be making two pit stops to visit family and friends along the way. I’ll pick up here close to my return to FL and publish some posts about the move, TX, and our new normal.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,



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  • http://www.mynerdylife.com Master Nerd

    That sounds like a lovely trip and a great way to see each other doing something you love together. 🙂 For us it’s biking. My partner and I are also considering a trip to WDW in November, but I think we will just miss you. We’d potentially be there Nov 10-17. There’s some great deals on flights and hotels right now ($700 for hotel/flight/car for 7 nights), but we’re waiting on some other friends to decide if they want to go with us before we book. Where are you guys staying? (feel free to DM me on twitter if you prefer)

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      We tend to agree! It’s fun for us both, and the Disney races are great because they are totally different than any other race on the planet. Like most things Disney, it’s an experience. We’ve done the marathon weekend that they have in January. During the race, they have characters along the course. So you can take a selfie with Goofy or Mini along the way to the finish line. It’s a blast.

      And that is a fantastic deal! We are going down the first weekend of November (I think, I need to double check the dates and hotel). I’ll shoot you a message.

      • http://www.mynerdylife.com Master Nerd

        That sounds like a fun race! Disney is particularly good at making ordinary things special. Their attention to detail is one of the things I appreciate and enjoy. As soon as you walk through the gates it feels like you’re in another world. What’s impressive is it even feels that way as an adult.

  • FIFighter

    Thanks for the mention Dylan, appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Hope you had a great weekend, too!

  • Emily @ evolvingPF

    Thanks for linking to my post! Have a great time on your trip!

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Of course, Emily. And thanks! We will try!

  • Our Next Life

    Good luck on the big drive! We’ve pulled one of those big Uhaul trailers before and it is T-I-R-I-N-G! Hope your trip goes more smoothly than ours did. 🙂

  • http://www.mydividendgrowth.com MyDividendGrowth

    Sounds like you’ve had a nice but busy few weeks, Dylan. I love BBQ and am glad you and your partner got to celebrate all the great things coming up in life. Keep working hard at the finances and you guys will own your own time and be free to do whatever you like before you know it 😉 Thank you for the mention and I like your blog!

  • http://www.crackinthewhip.com/ Mrs. Crackin’ the Whip

    You are killing it on the workouts! I hope the move is going okay. I’ve only moved once as an adult but it felt like never ending days!