Dividend Dashboard


I want to let you know that I am testing out the first version of a “Dividend Dashboard” (under Resources) I made using data from Dave Fish’s CCC list.

It’s far from complete. Hence the “beta” designation.

The blog structure doesn’t seem to like it very much, so I’ve had to whittle down the dashboard significantly.

Over the next couple days or so, I’ll continue tinkering with it to get where I want it. At least for this ‘beta release’.

In other news, I want to say thanks to those of you who have stopped by and commented. It has been nice connecting with you (and knowing I’m not talking to a totally empty room).

Or, maybe you are bots? Haha.

But in all seriousness – thanks.

Take care,


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  • http://www.itpaysdividends.com Thias @ It Pays Dividends

    Nice job the the dashboard! Seems to work pretty well for the beta version!

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Hey Thias,
      Nice to hear from you. Thanks for looking at the beta version. It’s a work in progress, and I debated putting it up at this stage. But I decided to go ahead. Maybe someone who is interested enough will have 2 cents to share to make it better. I’ve got a lot of work to do on it, but you have to start somewhere!
      Hope your week is going well,

  • http://www.amoresuccessfulyou.com Erik

    That’s really cool. What language/software did you use to create it?
    Erik – http://www.amoresuccessfulyou.com

  • http://www.tawcan.com Tawcan

    That’s very cool. Off to play around on it for a bit.

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Hey Tawcan,

      Thanks for checking it out. I’m still messing with it, so if it breaks, that’s why. If you have a thought or two about it and would like to share I’m all ears.

      I’m actually trying to get the sidebar off of that page, but I think my theme is limiting me here.

      See you around,

  • Wellroundedinvestor

    I clicked on it 4-5 times. It’s really cool. I only see the ticker starts with A’s. Are you going to put more tickers in or us users can do it ourselves?

    I’ve also just realized I like the layout of your website a lot. It looks very professional and very pleasing to the eyes (very subtle, I keep coming back without realizing it, hah)

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      You are so nice! Thanks. I appreciate the positive feedback about the aesthetic of the website. It’s been great connecting with you.

      As far as the dashboard: the lack of vertical scroll bar is one of the things that is bugging me. There **should** be one. But I’m working on it. It’s a bug. In the mean time, you should be able to use the filters on the left hand size of the dashboard to make the list smaller and view stocks that meet the characteristics you specify.
      So the steps are:
      1) set filters on left
      2) look at results on right
      I created this to help me look at Dave Fish’s list on the fly, without needed to open up excel every time I wanted to look at something. So basically, if I wake up at 2 AM and have an inkling about something, I can come here rather than excel and answer my question.

      At least that’s the idea. It’s not quite all there, yet.

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Ok – I think you should be able to scroll now. Do you use a laptop? If so, you’ll need to use your trackpad to scroll through the list.

      • Wellroundedinvestor

        I’m using the ipad air. It’s now crashing several times. Unable to see whether there is a scroll bar.

        • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

          Ah, ok. When I get home today, I’ll test it out with the iPad. Thanks.

  • http://divhut.com Keith Park

    Nice little tool. Will be playing around with this. Thanks for creating.

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Hey Keith,
      It’s a long ways from prime time but thanks for checking it out.

      I wanted to come up with something that would let me look at Dave Fish’s work whenever I wanted, from where ever. I’m not always at my computer at home when I am thinking about a stock or want to dig into sector data. So this little tool is meant to be the first step in getting that done.

  • http://redeemedfinance.com Redeemed Finance

    Very cool table you got there – being able to double-sort some of the columns to find the 45+ years ones with yields above 4% is extremely useful.
    Also congrats on starting a blog, you seem to be doing great in your first month. Keep it up!

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      Hey Rich,

      Thanks for the feedback. There are still bugs hanging out in the table but it’s functional for the most part. I’ll have a lot more time to tinker with it this weekend.

      And thanks for the encouragement! I’m inspired by all of you, so it means a lot.


  • http://www.allaboutinterest.com All About Interest

    This is a good start to a useful tool. It would be nice if it would sort by the column headers. I’d love to see it once you are finished. I’ll come back to check it out more soon.

    • http://www.mrmodernmillennial.com Mr. Modern Millennial

      AAI, Thanks for the heads up about the column headers not working appropriately. Should be fixed now.